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Atomic 6 Carbon

C8 ZO7 Wing Carbon Fiber Fits 2020-2024 C8 Corvette Stingray

C8 ZO7 Wing Carbon Fiber Fits 2020-2024 C8 Corvette Stingray

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C8 Z07 5V5-style Wing for C8 Stingray.

Available in full prepreg, visible carbon fiber on new C8 Z07 style wing weighs significantly less than the “competition”, doesn’t contain unsightly bolts through the winglets, has an easier-to-install mounting solution, is a little wider than what’s out there currently (to more closely mimic the Z07’s aggressive stance), and installs like a dream.

Speaking of installation: the wing installs using existing center holes in your bumper cover, visible when you remove your Z51 or High-Wing wings. (We can also include optional vanity covers to hide any remaining, existing bolt holes.)

What more could you ask for?

Worth knowing:

We aren’t into filling a wing with unnecessarily heavy composites, resulting in an INCREDIBLY, if not needlessly, heavy wing. (But hey, you can stand on it, right?)

We’re not in the business of sloppy, overly heavy, need-to-be modified so it’ll fit chunks of composite “mounting brackets”, like you’ve seen elsewhere. (Better than nothing? No thanks…)

We’re also not into taking risks (read “cutting costs”) with YOUR SAFETY by insisting a “plastic” bumper cover is strong enough to support the weight and aero load of one of the most aggressive wings to ever grace the backside of your C8, so they don’t include a mounting bracket at ALL. (Ask around. There’s one out there like that, believe it or not.)

The Atomic 6 Carbon “C8 Z07 For Stingray” wing is light-yet-durable, includes a proprietary mounting solution made a light, but strong, metal bracket and plate system, and requires NO modification to install, whatsoever.

Stronger, lighter, easier to install.


As always, we also have finish options, color and pin-stripe upgrade options, and of course: composite OR carbon fiber construction is available.

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