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Mercedes A-Class (W176) Carbon Fibre Rear Arch Splash Guards

The Mercedes A-Class with the 19″ wheel option from factory come with plastic rear splash guards. These are for legal reason to extend the bodywork out further than the wheel protrudes but as another purpose they do also reduce the spray that comes off the wheels as well as keeping some stones inside too. Carbonwurks have taken this idea and again made them into Carbon Fibre!

A nice little add on (or replacement in some cases) that help reduce fling from the rear wheels but also gives a little edge to the rear end with some Carbon. We have changed the design in 2 ways. The guard is now wider than standard by some 20mm as well as altering the underside profile slightly to bring more water back into the arch. Both contribute to reducing spray and fling from the rear wheels.

The Carbon Splash Guards are made up of lightweight and strong 100% autoclaved Carbon Fibre. The guards are then finished off in a high gloss lacquer, after which the carbon is hand polished and sealed in with a very high carnauba content wax to give both depth and protection.

Installation is very quick and easy, just clean the inner surfaces thoroughly, take off the pre installed double sided tape and stick in place! If you have the OEM plastic ones already installed, it’s just a case of taking the old ones off that are double sided taped in place.


There are now 4 different types of Carbon Splash Guards available to buy, they are as follows.

  • Gloss Carbon Fibre – These guards are in their purest form, gloss black lacquered carbon and nothing else. Ideal for those who like to keep things a little more subtle.
  • Gloss Carbon Fibre with red stripe – These guards are following our “Edition 1” trend and are made in the same way as the other guards but are finished off with a red stripe that is vinyl wrapped on. We also supply a little extra red vinyl in case long down the line your guards need a refresh.
  • Gloss Carbon Fibre with Gold Stripe – These guards are the same style as the Edition 1 guards but with a Gold stripe instead of Red. Spare vinyl is again supplied.
  • Matte Carbon Fibre – These are made in the same way as the other splash guards but matte lacquered instead of gloss. The ultimate Motorsports feel with a matte carbon finish.


  • 1 pair (Left and Right) carbon fibre rear splash guards – with pre installed tape


  • Mercedes Benz A Class W176 2012 – Onwards
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