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1016 Industries

Urus Fender Arch Set

Urus Fender Arch Set

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1016 Industries has designed and engineered all carbon fiber to compliment the features of the vehicle and make it that much more aggressive yet classy on the road.

Each application offering is the process of a well engineered design, analysis, and refinement that works to enhance the features of the base product. The design is forward thinking in shape and form, utilizing classic features and grace to integrate the future into the present.



  • Lamborghini Urus 2018-2019

  • Available in 2x2 Carbon Weave and Forged Carbon Fiber
  • Each part is finished with an ultraviolet inhibiting clear lacquer coating
  • Designed perfectly so all pieces can be removed and returned to original with minimal effort
  • Designed using state of the art technology such as; 3D scanning, laser scanning and virtual modeling of individual parts
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